GWM POER wins both word of mouth and sales with stunning product strength

BAODING, China, May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, GWM POER, a quick seller of GWM, has been launched successively around the world and hit a new high in sales volume in April. According to VFACTS data, GWM POER accounted for 3% of total monthly market sales in Australia and New Zealand, with a month-on-month increase of 50%, ranking the 8th place as a whole and becoming the winner in China’s pickup sales in Australia; moreover, in New Zealand, it advanced into the top ten with a year-on-year increase of 186% in April.

GWM POER not only has a booming market sales, but also has won many authoritative media awards in just a few months after its launch. Within one month after the launch in Chile, GWM POER has won the most valuable award in the Chilean auto industry – “Best Pickup of the Year”. Recently, GWM POER participated in the annual model selection activity of Autocar, an authoritative media in Australia, and won the award of the “Best Model of the Year” in the pickup category in competition with international pickup brands. It gained high appreciation from many Australian media. For instance, Autocar praised GWM POER as the “first choice of multi-functional pickups” with “amazing driving experience”; Cars Guide commended that “the power of GWM POER has already surpassed that of tier-1 competing products”; Carsales even directly compared GWM POER with the market giant, Ford Ranger, and acclaimed that “GWM POER is completely different from other Chinese competitors and will thoroughly change the pattern of the Australian pickup market”.

GWM POER wins both word of mouth and sales with stunning product strength

The reason why GWM POER is loved by many consumers in Australia, New Zealand, and other sacred lands of pickup culture and becomes a hit model worldwide is that GWM POER has a grand and exquisite facade, with the interior trim made of materials for SUVs, making it a top-notch and luxurious model. It has a 3.5T towing force, the best of its class and manifests strong off-road performance. Equipped with an 8AT transmission and a 2.0T high-power engine, with the maximum power of 120 kW and the maximum torque of 400 N·m, it runs robustly and smoothly. Besides, it has an exclusive multi-language recognition capability and a mobile wireless charging function with such abundant features as adaptive cruise control, a smart cabin and L2-level automatic driving, to ensure safer and easier running and a better driving experience.

As Andrew Collinson, international head of design in GWM, said that “make Chinese pickups popular around the world”. In the future, GWM POER will continue to ramp up efforts in such aspects as appearance design, performance, configuration, intelligence, and safety, to create products highly recognized by global users and consolidate the global market layout.

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