Prime Minister Saad Hariri patronized Saturday afternoon the Future Movement's organized ceremony in Khreibet el-Jindi in Akkar to announce the "Future is for Akkar" electoral list.

In his delivered speech on the occasion, PM Hariri said:

"Hello Akkar! How beautiful is Akkar! How fresh is the air in Akkar! The soil of Akkar! How beautiful are the youth of Akkar! The elderlies of Akkar! How nice are the people of Akkar!

The list of Akkar, from Jumah, to Dreib, Kayteh, mountain and plain, the list of Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri's beloved people in more than 164 cities and villages. We decided to call it "Future is for Akkar" because hopefully together we will make the best future for Akkar! We decided to announce it from here, from the center of your Movement, the Future Movement in Akkar, to tell those who want to listen, that what Akkar has done for the Future Movement and the country, is engraved in our hearts forever.

This is Akkar that we are all proud of, Akkar the coexistence between Muslims and Christians, Akkar the moderation and the first line of defense of the state, legitimacy and sovereignty.

Akkar, whose sons are in the army and the security forces, exposing their lives every day, to protect Lebanon, its stability, and the safety and dignity of our people throughout Lebanon.

This list, your list, the list of families, tribes and figures, who decided to unite to serve Akkar and its people and work together to stop the cycle of negligence and deprivation forever.

"The Future is for Akkar" list that we are announcing today, is the guarantee for each and every one of you, that Akkar's share of the large national project that we are working on, will be major especially in terms of job opportunities for the youth in Akkar.

I, frankly, will never accept any investment project in the country in which Akkar does not have an important share. The region that protects the country with the lives of its youth, where each of its towns is sacrificing so the other areas can live in safety, stability and peace of mind, deserves special attention from the State and all Lebanese.

Every investment in Akkar, in its agriculture, development, schools, hospitals and roads, is an investment in the security and safety of all of Lebanon.

The Future Movement has placed Akkar, in particular, and the whole north on a national agenda we are working day and night to achieve, from one country to the other according to the method of Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.

A national project that opens up new areas of employment for the youth. You started to see the results of this project in more than one institution starting from the dearest institutions to your hearts, the Army, the Internal Security Forces and all security services, that have been placed on the right line of Arab and international support, to reach economic development.

This project is the completion of Rafic Hariri's project. Otherwise, what would Rafic Hariri's project be other than ensuring stability for Lebanon, security for our people, and employment opportunities for all the Lebanese? I do not want to tell you what might become of our country, and specifically Akkar, if we lose stability and security in Lebanon. I do not have to tell you, while you live near the tragedy witnessed by our brothers in Syria. You are the people of generosity and pure Arab brotherhood, and you opened your homes to the refugees fleeing from the nightmare of the war and the regime in Syria.

The choice in the elections will be easy: either stability, security, economic drive and jobs, or God forbid, economic and social nightmares.

The choice will be yours. You personally. On election day: if you vote for the Future list, the future will be for Akkar, for Lebanon, and for this political, economic and social project. However, if you do not vote, or vote for another list, you would be personally choosing to halt the project.

Here in Akkar, specifically, the choice is easy because our candidates in Akkar are all from the Future Movement, in addition to our Lebanese Forces ally who is on the list with us.

I did not want to talk about the other lists but we cannot ignore what is happening! Is Bashar working on the formation of lists once again? And is Hezbollah fulfilling the task? Here in Akkar, there is a list, and in Tripoli there is a list, allies of the guardianship and Hezbollah? In Beirut and Bekaa, also the same thing.

Our battle is with these lists! Our battle is to stop guardianship from laying its hand again on Akkar, Tripoli and the North! Our battle is elections that do not surrender our regions' decision to the guardianship and its allies!

The lists of the Future Movement have taken this decision in all of Lebanon! These elections are a choice between two projects, two decisions, and two fates: Either a stable, secure Lebanon full of work, life and investment, a sovereign, independent and Arab Lebanon or a Lebanon of the guardianship, oppression and assassination era.

I, Saad Hariri Rafic Hariri, came to tell you today: We want an Arab Lebanon! You, in Akkar, what do you say? I cannot hear you! Raise you voices! Because the voice in Akkar resonates! The voice in Akkar is clear, honest and strong; the voice in Akkar has always reached all of Lebanon! I told you that I do not want to talk about the other lists, but I want to ask one question: what have they done for Akkar, over dozens of years, other than empty slogans and promises that do not translate into realities.

You know, and I say it humbly, that from the day this government was formed, Akkar started to see work and investment. I say it humbly because no matter what we do, we cannot repay Akkar for what it did and is engraved in my memory, my heart and my conscience since March 14, 2005 until today, and forever!"

Hariri then left the podium and came closer to the large crowd of Future supporters gathered in front of him. He said:

"I am here close to my beloved ones and my family in Akkar. In these elections, they want to cancel Saad Hariri, what are you going to tell them? Who are you with? I am with you and I remain for you, whatever happens. They killed Rafic Hariri, and Saad Hariri took over. We will remain standing in their face.

Do not fear for me, I am in Akkar, and all these people guard me. We will continue this journey, and I want to say to those standing at the back, I am yours, we will protect Lebanon, and God willing, on May 6, we will show them who is the Future Movement, who is Saad Hariri and what is Akkar!

Now I will announce the candidates on the list of "the Future is for Akkar": Hadi Hobeish, Mohamed Soleiman, Wehbe Katisha, Walid Baarini, Jean Moussa and Tarek Merehbi. In addition of course to Khoder Habib who could not be with us today for health reasons and we wish him a speedy recovery.

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to all the MPs of the Future Bloc in Akkar who did not run for elections: Minister Moein Merehbi, MPs Khaled Daher, Khaled Zahraman, and Nidal Tohme. You are the colleagues who represented Akkar and represented me personally.

We will remain together for the benefit of Akkar and the interest of all of Lebanon hopefully!" Hariri concluded.

Source: National News Agency