Sunday, September 22, 2019


This is the speech delivered last night by the President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri during the Suhur held by the Minieh Future Movement coordinating committee in the residence of the movement's political bureau member Moataz Zreika, and attended by MPs Ahmad Fatfat, Kassem Abdulaziz and Kazem al-Kheir and a large number of figures:

"I am happy to be with you today, with the people of Minieh, sharing this Suhur. Minieh has a special place in my heart. It is the city that decided in 2005 to call itself the city of Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri. In each election, Minieh makes the difference because of its loyalty to the school, path and project of Martyr Premier Hariri, which is our project; Lebanon's Arabism, moderation, coexistence and most importantly the state in Lebanon.

About the elections and the new electoral law, I know that some fear the elections may result in three MPs for Dinniyeh and the loss of the Minieh seat. But I tell you that this is out of question and the Minieh seat is preserved regardless of the law.

We are repeating ourselves when we say that this region was unfairly treated on the development level in the past, and that there is an ongoing attempt to inflict greater injustice on it by attempting to portray it as an area of extremism, especially after the incidents of Bhanin although the people of Minieh has nothing to do with them. On the contrary they supported the state, the Lebanese Army and the legal security forces, just as the people of Bhanin and Minieh supported the Lebanese army during the Nahr al-Bared incidents.

The people of Minieh do not need lessons in moderation and the real values of our religion. They are the first to stand up against extremism, terrorism, disord and misguidance, and are committed to coexistence, legality and the state.

There are people from Minieh among the detainees and I promise you that we will issue an amnesty law as soon as possible to do justice to all.

We have a responsibility towards our sons and youth. It is true that there is injustice in Syria and Iraq and an oppressed people. I was the first one against this oppression. But we have to protect our youth because some are trying to exploit them under the pretext of religion. Islam is the religion of peace and it does not oppress anyone and we have to be very careful of religion exploitation for other purposes.

Talking about Bhanin incidents, you all know that this was the reason behind stopping building Ashark University but the work in this indispensable educational project will soon resume, knowing that the management and business administration buildings are ready.

There are several vital projects that are being studied and I hope that implementation will start soon, including the tunnel connecting the new Minieh-Dinniyeh highway with Tripoli-Akkar highway, the sea corniche project, and the schools of Nabi Youchaa, Bhanin and Deir Ammar. The Minieh-Dinnieh highway is underway and the first part that reaches Azki has been completed and soon the second part will be awarded.

The main projects that were executed in the region include the Minieh governmental hospital which started to receive patients from the region and a director and board of directors were appointed.

The water project funded by the Saudi fund started as an integrated project that ensures water to all homes in Minieh, Deir Ammar, Bhanin, Markebta, Nabi Youchaa, and Bourj el-Yahudiyeh. Due to the efforts of Minieh MP Kazem al-Kheir we were informed two days ago that letters of credit were opened at the Ministry of Finance to have an electricity office in Minieh to facilitate the lives of citizens in the area, and its opening will take place in the next few weeks.

To facilitate the lives of our people in Minieh, a National Social Security Fund office will open in Minieh. Do not listen to rumors saying that there will be only an office in Denniyeh.

In the last elections of the Higher Islamic Council, Minieh was represented by a member for the first time in its history, and I am proud that we also preserved the right of the region in the Sharia court council where a judge from Minieh succeeded for the first time. The issue of the Minieh department of endowments is now on the agenda of the Higher Islamic Council after a full study on the feasibility of this department was presented.

The main objective of all the work and projects prepared for Minieh is its economic advancement and creating jobs for the youth in particular.

I hope we will be able to continue our path together and preserve the stability of our country and prepare for the next phase".

Source: National News Agency