Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Hariri receives Bassil and Tashnag party

Prime minister-designate Saad Hariri received today at the Center House Caretaker Minister Gebran Bassil and discussed with him the developments regarding the formation of the government. Talks continued over lunch.

Earlier, Hariri received a delegation from the Tashnag Party that included the Secretary General Hagop Pakradounian and Minister Avedis Guidanian.

After the meeting, Pakradounian said: "First, I want to reassure the citizens that the atmosphere of optimism continues to rise and I think that within 48 hours the government will be formed.

Second, in the past few days there was talk about an Armenian problem.

We in the Tashnag party do not say that there is an Armenian problem but a necessity to form a national unity government. Since day one we called for a government of 30 ministers that includes all parties and sects, including those which we still unfortunately consider minorities, knowing that we have all become minorities in this country.

Consultations continue and we want to preserve the rights of the Syriac community, so we demand a minister from the Syriac sect but not at the expense of other communities."

Asked if he heard from Premier Hariri about other problems, he said: "Prime Minister Hariri is comfortable and I think that in light of this optimistic atmosphere, the new government will be formed on Sunday or Monday".

Source: National News Agency