Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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Hariri receives Gharib

The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri met today at the Grand Serail with the Minister of State for Displaced Affairs Saleh al-Gharib, in the presence of former minister Ghattas Khoury.

After the meeting, al-Gharib said: "As you know, I visited Syria yesterday and when I returned, I asked for a meeting with President Michel Aoun to inform him about the visit, as well as with Prime Minister Hariri. I met with Prime Minister Hariri today, and informed him about the details of the visit. We called and we will continue to call for keeping this file away from political disputes, because a file as sensitive as this one requires from of all of us Lebanese to have an approach that takes into account the interest of Lebanon first."

Question: There is confusion about whether you had informed Prime Minister Hariri about your visit to Syria or not. What happened?

Al-Gharib: What is between us and Prime Minister Hariri remains between us and Prime Minister Hariri.

Question: Didn't you violate the decision that no minister would visit Syria without informing the prime minister?

Al-Gharib: The Prime minister accustomed us to put Lebanon's interest first. He approaches all issues, from the file of the displaced and others, with a lot of positivity, taking into consideration Lebanon's interest first.

Question: What did you hear from the Syrian side regarding the displaced file?

Al-Gharib: They were positive, and expressed the will to present many facilities. I hope that this will be translated into a written paper soon.

Source: National News Agency