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Hasaka: Syrian Army Troops Preparing for Expelling US-Backed Kurdish Militia from Qameshli

TEHRAN The Syrian Army troops are preparing to fully drive out the Kurdish militias from the city of Qameshli as the tensions between the government forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have increased.

The Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper quoted National Defense Forces affiliated to the Syrian Army in Qameshli city in Northern Hasaka province as saying that the NFL has fully trained over 200 fresh forces.

They said that the NFL measure is aimed at driving the SDF out of Qameshli and taking full control of this region.

Al-Watan pointed to the tensions intensifying between the Syrian Army troops and their allies on one side and the SDF on the other in Eastern Syria and the possibility of the US-backed militants' attacks on the Syrian Army's military positions near al-Bu Kamal region, al-Mayadeen and Badiyeh (desert) region, and said the Syrian Army has dispatched more troops and convoys to Eastern Deir Ezzur to reinvigorate its positions in the region.

In a relevant development on Saturday, fierce clashes between the Turkish Army and the Kurdish militias intensified in Northern Aleppo and Hasaka as Turkey sent its special troops to the borders with Syria.

The pro-militant Step News website reported that the Turkish Army pounded the military points of the Syrian SDF around the city of Qameshli in Northeastern Hasaka and near the border with Turkey.

It noted that the attacks took place after the Kurdish militias attacked Turkey's border checkpoint in Nasibin region along borders with Syria.

The Kurdish-language Hawar news website, meantime, reported that the Turkish Army and its allied militants pounded Tal Rafa'at and the towns of Balounieh, Harbal and Sheikh Issa in al-Shahba region in Northern Aleppo with tens of mortar attacks.

Meantime, two military points of the Turkish Army were destroyed while three Turkish soldiers were killed and four others were injured during two separate military offensives by the Kurdish militias.

Source: Fars News Agency