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Hasbani: Lebanon ranks first in Arab world in health sector performance

Caretaker Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health, Ghassan Hasbani, said that "the Lebanese health sector is developing and is facing the great challenges posed by the Syrian displacement, the shortage of budgets and the reduction in international bodies' funding."

"Lebanon ranks first in the Arab world in the performance of the health sector and the second and third globally," he affirmed at the Dubai Health Forum, organized by Dubai Health Authority and attended by experts and decision-makers from a number of countries.

"The strength of the health sector comes first from the capabilities of the medical system, which is due to effective work in limited conditions and during crises,," Hasbani said, hailing the "integrated system based on cooperation between the Ministry of Public Health and bodies, associations and local authorities to build a network of health care spread across all Lebanese territory, providing services that relieve pressure on hospitals and provide a safe environment against the spread of epidemics and diseases in a proactive manner."

He stressed that "the Ministry of Public Health has played a key role in the past between the various actors operating across the Lebanese territory, and keeps working on securing the necessary funding."

Source: National News Agency