Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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Hashem says relationship with Syria needs no normalization

"Development and Liberation" Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Kassem Hashem, deemed Sunday that "the relationship with Syria does not need normalization, since it is a relation between brethrens imposed by history and various other factors."

"The Lebanese recognize the existence of a crisis resulting from Syrian displacement," he added, highlighting the need to "deal with this matter from the national interest perspective and away from political investment, hatred, hostility and racism."

Hashem stressed on "working realistically and objectively to reach a solution to this crisis through consensus, understanding and communication with the Syrian brethrens, away from partisan and sectarian approaches and narrow gains."

The MP's words came during his tour earlier today in the Southern towns of Hasbaya, Kfarshuba and Dibbin, where he met with towns' dignitaries who briefed them on their development and daily living needs.

"The time is tight for the government to prove its ability to rebuild confidence between the Lebanese and their State, and it has to compensate for the months wasted in the formation process," said Hashem.

"Therefore, what is required today is to speed up the development of a rescue plan to overcome the crises weighing heavily on the Lebanese in all sectors and at all levels, from the problem of electricity to public waste, to the environment and public roads, to unemployment and the need for creating job opportunities for Lebanese youth," he underlined.

"As the government kicks-off, we demand that it secures municipal funds as soon as possible, for there are many municipal employees who have not received their salaries because of the cabinet's delay in this matter," alerted Hashem.

Source: National News Agency