HAVAL JOLION’s International Design for Global Users

BAODING, China, May 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, GWM has released several globally-oriented new models, among which is HAVAL JOLION, originally inspired by the concept “JOY LIFE ON”, which has attracted a large number of users. To decode the new model’s high popularity, we had the honor of inviting Design Director Christopher Zarlenga to interpret the creative ideas of HAVAL JOLION.

HAVAL JOLION’s International Design for Global Users

Christopher said that its design inspiration came from a group of skater boys on the street. Touched by their energy and passion, Christopher came up with the concept “JOY LIFE ON”, in hopes of delivering an optimistic life attitude to global users.

Christopher explains that, “This enjoyment is brought to you by the user experience, by the design, by the joy on life concept we designed into the vehicle.” JOLION presents a fashionable style, while it is also a nice partner in urban life. For this model, six colors are available, including Hamilton White, Mars Red, Energy Green, Ayers Grey, Blue Sapphire, and Golden Black. Each color represents an image and reflects a personality, which may vary among people. The golden-ratio bodywork and the flexible flowing waist line enable its simple exquisiteness, presenting space for the imagination. Together with a smart and sharp front face, “halberd” type front LED headlamps, and luxury grille, this elegant SUV is vigorously dynamic, instantly awakening youth. In addition, it is designed with a comfortable cockpit and 26 storage places. Even large bottled drinks can be easily stored in the compartment in the door, allowing a more pleasant trip for gatherings. Moreover, intelligent technology brings about a better driving experience. With internetworking enabled, the central control screen and mobile phones can be easily connected as desired. Even in the car, users can experience the joy of being in a media room–playing games, watching movies, it is truly amusing. For those who are inexperienced or not good at parking, the one-key automatic parking provides great relief for a leisurely shopping experience. There are four driving modes, including Standard, Sport, Economy and Snow. The Snow mode can avoid track slip, the Sport mode provides a great back-pressing feeling with its amazing acceleration capability, the Economy mode immediately reduces the base fuel consumption; multiple options are offered to activate your free driving.

As Christopher said, “The forward-looking design is to bring value and high performance to the user. When usability and convenience meet in design, it’s designed for everybody.”

“JOY LIFE ON” focuses on consuming joy. More importantly, it values turning a happy life into productivity and becoming the master of fate. In terms of the design concept, the GWM has always emphasized “breakthrough innovation”. In particular, when it comes to feelings and culture, it has adhered to a user-centric principle and enabled vehicles to integrate into users’ lives and bring them values. In the future, by sticking to the approach of global car building, the GWM will produce more high-performance products, featuring both high-quality appearance and emotional experience.

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1521470/HAVAL_JOLION_GLOBAL.jpg

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