Hezbollah central council member Sheikh Nabil Qaouq has noted that ‘there are foreign, international and domestic initiatives to resolve the presidential crisis but no progress towards a solution.”This is because the challenge and confrontation folk have torpedoed all these initiatives due to deep-rooted grudges and failed bets,’ Qaouq said.’They don’t want a solution, consensus or understanding, but rather conflict, internal confrontation and dragging the country into strife. Their project intersects with the objectives of the July 2006 war, but let it be known that we will not accept and will never accept for a day to come on which anyone passes any Israeli goal that we had defeated in Wadi al-Hjeir and the Khiyam Plain,’ the Hezbollah official added.Moreover, Qaouq said that there is a ‘foreign veto’ on consensus and rapprochement in Lebanon.’This is totally clear in the U.S. stance, seeing as it is prohibited for the Lebanese to meet, agree and sit together, and when the Swiss Embassy called for a me
eting gathering the Lebanese parties, the U.S. objected and the meeting was called off,’ Qaouq charged.He added that ‘the group of challenge and confrontation through its foiling of initiatives and agreements has become a heavy burden on the country, because it is the reason behind all these crises and does not want a solution.”We in Hezbollah and the Amal Movement are night and day searching for any chance to rescue the country, while they are searching night and day for any chance to incite, create tensions, obstruct and drag the country into strife, but we will not give up our responsibilities and will not be dragged into any incitement,’ Qaouq added.

Source: National News Agency-Lebanon

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