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Homs: Hundreds More Civilians Flee US-Controlled Refugee Camp in Al-Tanf Region

TEHRAN A large number of civilians escaped the US-controlled al-Rukban Refugee Camp in al-Tanf region of Homs province despite intensive measures by the US-backed militants to incarcerate the refugees in the camp.

The Arabic-language Al-Watan newspaper quoted special sources as saying that around 200 to 300 civilians, most of them women and children, left al-Rukban Camp in al-Tanf region near the border with Iraq via Jaliqam crossing towards areas controlled by the Syrian Army in Eastern Homs.

The newspaper noted that the flow of the civilians from al-Rukban Refugee Camp takes place while the US forces and their allied militants are blocking the Syrian citizens' exit from the camp to use the camp as a shield against the Syrian army.

The residents of al-Rukban, who have recently left the refugee camp, have pointed to the camp's critical conditions and acute shortage of hygienic and health conditions as well as shortage of foodstuff, and said that the US Army and its allied militants are still blocking the exit of civilians from the refugee camp.

Nearly 28,000 civilians are being held in al-Rukban camp in Homs province which is under occupation by the US and its affiliated militants in al-Tanf region.

In a relevant development in early June, the medical team affiliated to the Red Crescent in Syria reported that most children who had left the camp were suffering from different diseases due to the lack of medical and treatment facilities.

Also, the Russian and Syrian Joint Coordination Committees said that around 28,000 Syrian citizens still remain in al-Rukban refugee camp.

"Most Syrian citizens return from Syria's neighboring states. Every day, between 1,000 and 2,000 people come to the country from Jordan and Lebanon, confirming that the measures have been effective," said a statement signed by the heads of the Russian and Syrian coordination headquarters Mikhail Mizintsev and Hussein Makhlouf.

It added that more than 1.8mln refugees have come back home, including over 1.3mln internally displaced and another 500,000 refugees coming back from other countries.

The Russian and Syrian Joint Coordination Committees had also earlier declared that around 28,000 Syrian citizens are still in al-Rukban refugee camp since they are unable to leave the area.

"About 28,000 Syrians who cannot leave its territory remain in Rukban in appalling conditions due to being hostage to the US-controlled armed groups," read the document signed by the committees' heads Mikhail Mizintsev of Russia and Hussein Makhlouf of Syria.

It stressed that the armed groups demanded up to $1,500 for leaving the camp and "the vast majority of camp residents do not have."

Russia and Syria called on the US command in the al-Tanf area "to foil the criminal activities of the armed groups under its control and ensure the unhindered exit of Rukban camp residents".

Source: Fars News Agency