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Houri: Hariri is trying to break presidential status quo

Future bloc member, MP Ammar Houri said in a chat with the Orient radio station that "Hariri is not part of the problem, but rather part of the solution as he is trying to break the status quo that accompanied the presidential dossier and caused the vacuum."

"Hariri has made several presidential initiatives in the past, but he received no positive responses from the other party," Houri said, reminding of the major economic, financial and constitutional repercussions of the prolonged presidential vacuum.

Houri confirmed that MP Sleiman Frangieh is still Hariri's candidate for the presidency.

"He is also the official candidate of the Future movement," he said, noting that Hariri will soon inform the bloc of his tour's outcomes.

"The package-deal is controversial, and House Speaker Nabih Berri has made his point based on the dialogue agenda," Houri said, arguing that what the Maronite Patriarch said "comes from a constitutional perspective and aims to protect the rights and powers of the president of the republic."

Asked about former Premier Saad Hariri's tour on foreign countries, Houri said, "It's not linked, necessarily, to the subject of the presidency. Talks are also touching on the contributions that can be made by these countries to resolve the situation, especially the tragic conditions in Syria which are reflected on Lebanon in matters relating to the displaced people and the economic pressures put on Lebanon."

Tackling the call of Prime Minister Tammam Salam for a cabinet session, Houri said the cabinet must convene to fulfill its duty towards citizens, stressing that "the government's responsibility doubles in the event of presidential vacancy."

Source: National News Agency