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I have found a way to deal with emotions: Dhoni

Mirpur: How does Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni remain so calm, especially on the eve of a high profile tournament final?

Having already made his mark as the finest captains in the game, ‘MSD’ is now on the verge of creating history through an unprecedented triple winning all three International Cricket Council shorter format tournaments.

Did he learn to be calm from childhood? “I don’t think I was calm from childhood. I am someone who doesn’t like to lose much. When I was young, I had trouble controlling the emotions after getting defeated. Over a period of time, I have learnt how to control this emotion.

“I’m a believer in the fact that your emotions are your’s only and hence you should be the one who knows how to control it. Over time I found dealing with emotions easier. I feel it is important because in a game there are so many stages where you don’t want to take a decision emotionally. Practically, you decide what’s the best option.”

When asked whether he carries pressures of the game home, Dhoni said: “I leave it (the pressure) at the stadium because that’s the best thing that I can do. Over the years that I have been the captain, I have seen almost everything. There is nothing really that I have not seen in cricket. We have Indian cricket perform at their best and at the same time, we have gone through a lean patch where we had really tough times.”

Dhoni then went on to even talk about controversies surround him. “Controversies are a big part of Indian cricket and I have been through all it. There’s hardly good or bad in Indian cricket that happens without my name. We have to go through everything but the good thing is we have to concentrate on the process more. I know there are certain things that are in my control. I look to move in that direction rather than thinking or living a thought that’s beyond my control and that had really helped me.

“It’s been an interesting time with ups and downs. That’s what it’s all about – in international sport it doesn’t matter which game you are playing. It has taught me a lot and it’s still a learning curve for me. Hopefully, it will teach me more in life after cricket,” he said.