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Ibrahim outlines General Security’s accomplishments for 2018

General Security Director-General Abbas Ibrahim outlined Monday the achievements of his Directorate at the administrative, security and organizational levels, as well as the exceptional missions it has executed and what awaits it in the new year ahead, mainly its program for modernization and development.

This came in an interview with the "General Security Magazine", where Ibrahim asserted that "the year 2018 deserves to be the year of advancement and administrative cleansing towards reaching a paper-free General Security Project in 2021." He added that the past year has been a starting point to launch the electronic services programs, including obtaining online visas.

"Our goal is for the General Security centers to reach every village and town in Lebanon, especially in remote areas," he noted.

Ibrahim stressed that his Directorate has completed its new administrative structure, awaiting the completion of its military structure simultaneously; thus rendering it in a position to operate without additional support in certain security tasks, except for those major operations that necessitate the support of the army or internal security forces.

"We have a plan to become a Directorate comprising 12,000 members, and this plan was submitted to the Council of Ministers awaiting the upcoming government," he disclosed.

In response to a question over the security situation, Ibrahim deemed that the General Security does not distinguish between the Takfiri and Israeli terrorism, "which in any case is declining like the rest of the cells," he said, pointing to the fact that the threat of terrorist cells has decreased to a large extent, but its possibility still exists. As for a possible Israeli aggression, Ibrahim underlined: "We rule out any war, and we do not want it but we are ready for it, while Israel wants it but is not prepared for it."

On the issue of Syrian displacement, Ibrahim indicated that "Russia is pursuing its plan to return the Syrian refugees to their country, after eliminating some obstacles in cooperation with the international community."

"Security and stability in Lebanon can only be ensured by the Lebanese," he emphasized, adding, "International attention and care still exist."

Source: National News Agency