Idealmed GHS, part of European health group IGHS, commissions new Oman International Hospital in Muscat, Oman

MUSCAT, Oman, May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Idealmed Global Healthcare Services (Idealmed GHS),  part of the european  health group IGHS, based in Coimbra, Portugal, starts the comissioning of the impressive “Oman International Hospital”.

Idealmed GHS, part of European health group IGHS, commissions new Oman International Hospital in Muscat, Oman

Having participated in projects in Asia, Europe, Africa and in the Midle East, the extraordinary recently launched “Oman International Hospital” (OIH), is the perfect example of the Idealmed GHS capabilities. The OIH was fully conceived, designed and equipped by Idealmed GHS, that will now operate the Hospital in accordance with the most exigent international standards of quality.

With matchless conditions, the “Oman International Hospital” is already considered a landmark in Oman and assumes the ambition to lead the private health sector in the country and in the region, by providing the most advanced diagnostic and treatment solutions to all its users.

As per vision of the Idealmed GHS, the OIH also hosts a “Med Academy”, fully sustained by Siemens, that will ensure the continous training of all its Human Resources and the implementation of international programmes that promotes the sharing of competences and experiences.

Idealmed GHS integrates the international know-how of the most distinguished organizations, from Universities to R&D Institutions, leading multinacional companies, and other renowned hospital groups worldwide, with the single aim to conceive, develop and operate unique health projects, allowing its partners to have a single entity fully responsible for its implementation and governance.

Idealmed GHS assumes its international linkage with companies like Siemens, IBM, among many others, and the relation with the Academic world, in particular with the University of Coimbra, one of the oldest and most prestigious International Universities, as its key pillars of success.

“Knowing that in a modern world knowledge has no boundaries, at Idealmed GHS we merge the experience of all our partners, crafting healthcare projects and tailoring services to each individual.

“In all our facilities, we integrate culture with science, safety with confort, and aesthetics with functionality. Using the most innovative layouts and engeneering concepts and leading-edge eqquipment solutions, we combine techonlogical sophostication with the know-how of the most skilled and trained Human Resources.

“At Idealmed GHS we assume a disruptive vision for hospitals, leading innovative projects and  maximizing their sustainability and profitability, enhancing the confort and well-being of its users and surpassing their superlative expectations,” stated Dr. José Alexandre Cunha, Chairman Of Idealmed GHS.

“Crafting healthcare projects, tailoring services to each individual.”

“Toghether we do it better.”

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