Friday, August 14, 2020
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Indian Embassy in Damascus celebrates 55th anniversary of launching ITEC Program

Damascus, The Indian Embassy in Damascus on Monday celebrated the 55th anniversary of launching the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Program (ITEC) at the Damascus-based Dama Rose Hotel.

During the celebration, a number of students benefiting from the program talked about their experience of studying in India, and its positive effects on their work in the future at different Syrian institutions.

ITEC Executive Official at the Indian Embassy Huda al-Amin underlined the importance of exchanging experiences and assessing the usefulness of the training programs provided by India in framework of ITEC which annually admits 90 Syrian trainees in different technical domains.

In a statement to SANA, Indian Ambassador in Damascus Man Mohan Bhanot underlined the importance of the program in the training and qualification and in deepening bilateral cooperation between the two countries, indicating that Syria has been an important partner for India within that program.

Bhanot added that India provided a special program for the Syrian student s which includes 1000 scholarships due to Syria’s need to having young cadres that are able to rebuild the infrastructure in it.

Rector of Damascus University Mohammad Maher Qabaqibi said that the program plays a significant role in further strengthening cultural and academic mutual exchange between Syrian and Indian educational institutions.

Qabaqibi added that rectors of the Syrian universities had held a number of meetings with representatives of about 40 Indian educational institutions with the aim of enhancing bilateral relations and holding joint scientific research.

ITEC Program was launched by the Indian Government on Sep. 15th, 1964, and it is based on the cooperation and partnership between India and the partner states. The Program provide services for more than 40 thousand trainees from 161 states annually.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency