Information Minister: War against Syria failed to break determination of the Syrians

Damascus, SANA-Information Minister, Imad Sara, affirmed on Tuesday that the war, being waged on Syria, aims to target the will of the Syrians through terrorism, unjust blockade and the attempt to invest in their pains, but the Syrians have surprised the world with their belonging and amity to their Homeland.




Minster Sara, during a meeting with media delegations which arrived in Damascus to cover the presidential elections, said that the Syrians’ turnout to Syrian embassies abroad to cast their votes in the presidential elections was an indication to the failure of project, led by the axis that supports terrorism, to break the determination of the Syrians.


He pointed out to the facilitations offered by the Syrian State to the Arab and Foreign journalists in order to make press coverage of the presidential elections a success.


The media delegation comprises journalists from Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

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