Friday, June 5, 2020
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IPL opening: Our highlights

Shah Rukh Khan found a perfect bride for cricketer Virat Kohli, goaded the captains of IPL teams to groove to his hit Lungi dance and made Shane Watson sing a ballad from Ra.One. Welcome to the IPL gala dinner at the Emirates Palace on Tuesday night. It was a spectacle that combined sports and Bollywood. tabloid! was there and we give you the top three moments of the IPL gala dinner.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma an item?

They have been reportedly spotted getting cosy in Sri Lanka but they have denied their relationship to whoever cares to listen. It took Shah Rukh Khan to weasel out the dirty details. Did you know that Kohli carries a picture of the Band Baaja Baarat beauty in his wallet? The admission was made when Khan arranged a swayamvar (the ritual of choosing a bride from a line-up of attractive women) for the eligible cricketer. As luck would have it, he chose the image of Sharma from the pile.

Cricketers match steps with Khan

On the cricketing field they can spin magic with a ball and a bat, but when it comes to learning a few Bollywood steps the IPL players collectively revealed their vulnerable side. It was entertaining to watch the IPL team captains don a lungi (a wrap worn by South Indian men) and imitate Deepika Padukone and Khan’s moves. My take? Stick to cricket. Incidentally, Dhoni said he would rather die than dance on stage. My take: Good call, since we were scarred from watching the other boys attempt to groove.

Shane Watson strums the guitar:

Rajasthan Royals skipper Watson was on the receiving end that evening as Khan joked about his fat paycheck and how Raj Kundra gave the IPL dinner a miss since he couldn’t afford the tickets after settling Watson’s plum package. Watson grinned and bore it all. He also humoured Khan by singing a few lines (the English bit) from the song Dildara from Khan’s sci-fi adventure Ra.One.