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Iran calls for disarming chemical weapons of terrorist groups in Syria

Tehran, Spokesperson of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Bahram Qassemi said that the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that disregarding the necessity of chemical disarmament of terrorist groups is a fundamental problem in the process of chemical disarmament and Iran has always stressed the issue and its aftermaths.

In a statement on Wednesday, Qassemi stressed on the need to continue efforts for political settlement of crisis in Syria.

He pointed out that dealing with what happened in Khan Sheikhoun is based on double standards, biased propaganda, hasty judgment, and using it as a way to blame others and secure political demands of certain players hinders fundamental confrontation with such incidents.

He said that given the terrorist groups' record of transferring, storing and using chemical weapons in Syria, Iran has always believed that the necessity for the terrorist groups' chemical weapons disarmament has been ignored by the international organizations

despite the Syrian government's cooperation with them towards chemical disarmament.

He strongly condemned any use of chemical weapons regardless of the identity of the culprits behind the attack and the victims, adding that the aim of what is happening today is to disrupt the political process and undermine the cessation of hostilities agreement,

which was strengthened through Astana process.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency