Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Iran’s Ebrahim Raisi leads presidential elections by landslide

TEHRAN, Iran's judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi won the country's presidential election with more than 17 million votes, said early results published by the Iranian Interior Ministry Saturday.

In a press statement, the head of the Elections Committee, Jamal Araf, said that the candidate Ebrahim Raisi received more than 17 million and 800,000 votes, followed by Mohsen Rezaei with about 3 million votes.

These numbers are preliminary and based on the ballot papers that have been counted so far, and they are subject to change in the coming hours, he added.

He also noted that more than 28,600,000 voters participated in the presidential elections after counting about 90 percent of the total ballot papers used throughout the country.

Yesterday, Iran's 13th presidential elections kicked off with four candidates competing for the presidency.

Up to 67,000 polling stations across the country, as well as 234 others abroad were allocated to receive voters.

Source: Kuwait News Agency