Tuesday, July 14, 2020


TEHRAN, Iran The catastrophy of the Syrian war and the resultant maladies have blotted a page of history fallen in the name of humanity, a young student passing by the main gate of Iran’s prestigious Tehran University said on Friday.

“We long for the restoration of peace and stability for Syria and establishment of democracy in the country as the remedy for the agonies of the Syrians,” Amir Ali Taheri, a student of the Law, told Xinhua.

“Since about six years ago, the historical civilization of Levant has suffered a bloody battle imposed by some extra-regional players,” said Amir Ali, with a lamenting look.

“The unwanted war has led to the death and dislocation of hundreds of thousands of the Syrians, and destruction of the rich culture of Syria,” he said.

“My father, who was on a pilgrimage to Syria before the war began in 2011, remembers well the tranquility throughout the country and peaceful interaction among the Syrians of every walk of life and ethnicity,” he said.

“We cannot imagine how the mishap brought such a fate, but we pray for the return of the days free from disturbance and violence for the Syrians,” he said, hoping that the latest ceasefire in Syria will eventually bring peace and stability.

According to reports, the Syrian government and the rebels reached a nationwide ceasefire deal in Dec. 2016 and agreed to attend the upcoming inter-Syrian peace talks in Kazakhstan’s Astana.

“We want peace for Syria, but it cannot be achieved without an international war against the terrorism in the region and in Syria,” Farzad Rahbar, an Iranian student of engineering, said.

He said Iran is ready to foster peaceful and political process in Syria, and the Islamic republic has proved that through its diplomatic efforts and fight against terrorism in Syria and in Iraq.

On Monday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry said that it welcomes the upcoming peace talks on Syria and would respect the outcomes.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said that the Islamic republic has no intention of imposing its views on participants in an upcoming round of political negotiations for peace in Syria.

“Whatever decision they (the Syrian government and opposition) make, we will respect it,” he said, stressing that Iran has not backed down from its stances on the need for preserving Syria’s territorial integrity.

On Jan. 1, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani welcomed the agreements to resume peace talks on Syria in Kazakhstan.

He hoped that the upcoming international peace talks on the future of Syria in Astana would be a major step towards the resolution of conflicts in the Arab states.

The restoration of peace and security to Syria is a watchword for progress and development for all the countries in the Middle East, Ahmad Aqaei, a bookseller in Tehran’s Enqelab Street, told Xinhua.

“So, we wholeheartedly cherish the idea of peace for the Syrians in particular, and for all the people of our region,” Ahmad added.