Friday, August 7, 2020
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ISF: Killers of Radio One host arrested

The two killers of Radio One’s Gavin Ford have been respectively arrested in Beirut for the murder of the prominent British radio host, in a swift operation by the Internal Security Forces’ Information Branch.

The suspects, both Syrians, have confessed to the murder that took place last Tuesday in Ford’s house in Broummana, according to a communique by the ISF.

Ford was found dead inside his home, with his hands bound behind his neck; body examination determined that death was due to strangulation and blows to the face caused by a sharp object. Investigations immediately kicked off to identify and detain the culprits.

“Within few hours, an Information Branch patrol managed to locate the victim’s car which had been stolen following the murder, parked in the public Sunday market Souq-al-Ahad,” the ISF communique indicated.

An identified suspect was located in Nabaa and brought to questioning where he confessed to having committed the crime with an accomplice.

“Within less than five hours, the second suspect’s whereabouts had been identified and he had been arrested in a swift operation in the locality of Jnah,” the ISF said in its communique.

“Both suspects confessed to having showed up at the victim’s house on Monday noon for robbery, and to having chocked him and beaten him with a sharp object until he passed out, before they took off aboard his car and hid some of the stolen items at their residence in Nabaa,” it indicated.

Source: National News Agency