Saturday, December 14, 2019
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Italy’s youngest premier sworn in

ROME: Italy’s youngest-ever Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and his fresh-faced Cabinet were sworn in Saturday, amid widespread skepticism that the new government has the political maturity to tackle the country’s formidable challenges.
The 39-year-old former mayor of Florence was accompanied by his wife and three children — dressed in the colors of the Italian flag — to the formal ceremony at the presidential palace, and smiled widely as he watched his new team sworn in by President Giorgio Napolitano. The center-left leader takes over the reins of the eurozone’s third largest economy in a period of increasing frustration among ordinary Italians hard hit by a deep recession and weary of broken political promises.
“It is a hard and difficult task. But we are Italy, we’ll succeed. A pledge: to remain true to ourselves, free and simple,” Renzi said in a tweet.
The new premier is expected to present his program to the upper house of Parliament on Monday, before addressing the lower house on Tuesday.