Monday, September 28, 2020
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Japanese trade team discusses water solutions, management

A delegation of 5 companies related to the Japanese comprehensive water solutions and management, and sustainable development of water resources met with their Saudi counterparts, including representatives of National Water Company at Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) on Sunday.
The representatives of all the companies presented their company profile and technology, and how and what they could do to overcome the problems of water in Saudi Arabia.
Maged Elserougy, MEA director of KUBOTA Corporation, told Arab News that according to analyses of different business groups Saudi Arabia is considered one of the biggest countries for water consumption and desalination in the world.
“The daily water production of 29 desalination plants around the Kingdom is approximately 3.5 million cubic meters per day. Apart from the ground water of 250 dams and treated water from sewage, the main supply of water in the Kingdom is from desalination plants. Water demand is outstripping production; demand increases 5 percent per year due to increasing population,” he explained.
The Kingdom being a major market in the world for producing fresh water, it has challenges that demand solutions. The Japanese companies which gave their presentations have a lot of experience in the technology, water treatment and comprehensive water solutions, he said.
“KUBOTA alone has 50 years of experience in various kinds of pumps and pump stations, It has contributed to the growth of social infrastructure worldwide and is now focusing on the RO (reverse osmosis) desalination plants,” he added.
The five companies of Arabian Japanese Membrane Company (AJMC) gave a presentation on Toyobo’s RO membrane module and technology.
Shunsuke Minami, president and GM of Hitachi stated that one of the solutions for the Kingdom is “Remix Water,” an integrated system of sewage treatment and seawater desalination for industrial water supply.
The meeting was organized by JCCI with the cooperation of Japan Cooperation Centre for the Middle East (JCCME) and the Japanese consulate. Japanese Consul General Matahiro Yamaguchi and JCCI Secretary General Adnan Mandoura were among those present.
Mandoura said the relationship between Kingdom and Japan were decades old at political, commercial, cultural and business levels.
“The relationship has been strengthening with the passage of time and the experience Saudi companies gain with Japanese technology and partnership is always excellent,” Mandoura said.
Yamaguchi thanked JCCI for organizing the event and giving Japanese companies an opportunity to present their innovative technology.