Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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Jarrah says Cabinet approved most items on agenda

Information Minister, Jamal Al Jarrah, on Thursday announced that the Cabinet has approved during today's session most items on its agenda.

The Council of Ministers met on Thursday in an ordinary session at Baabda Presidential Palace under the chairmanship of President, Michel Aoun and in the presence of Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, and cabinet members.

Reading out Cabinet decisions in the wake of the meeting, Minister Jarrah said that President Michel Aoun stressed the need for the return of the displaced Syrians without awaiting a political solution.

"The Head of State emphasized that we must rely on ourselves to find all possible means to ensure the return of the displaced Syrians," Minister Jarrah quoted the President as saying during Cabinet session.

"The foreign countries have not done any serious work so far to help in this file," the president noted.

Jarrah said that the President's stance comes in line with his presidential oath to preserve laws and the safety of the Lebanese territories and the Lebanese people, as well as to seek solutions to ease displacement burden on Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency