Friday, August 7, 2020
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JEF sessions instill confidence in vibrant Saudi youth force

Irish Ambassador Niall Holohan has described the Jeddah Economic Forum (JEF) as a means of finding solutions to social problems created by youth unemployment.
The diplomat, who was present at the three-day JEF 2014, which ended Thursday, said: “The question of unemployment must be addressed in many modern economies, and Saudi Arabia is no different.”
Holohan added: “I am happy to see that various measures are being taken by Saudi authorities to address this issue. It was a great privilege for me to be here to listen to so many views from experts on subjects of great importance for the Kingdom.”
Zambian Ambassador Ibrahim Mumba termed the JEF as “very positive not for the benefit of the Kingdom alone but the participants also benefit from different national and global speakers.”
The envoy added: “The world is becoming a small village. The Kingdom is now opening up. They seem to be in hurry to achieve what they want to achieve in all economic fields. It is a good sign. They are willing to accommodate ideas from outside, which will give room for further improvement.”
Tariq Al-Omari, Software Performance Engineering Consultant, termed the JEF as a “great conference bringing different ideas from the world.”
Attending the forum for the first time, Al-Omari said: “Great entrepreneurs like Facebook Cofounder Chris Hughes give an opportunity to network with leaders and motivate us all.”
Abdullah Albar, a civil engineer at Saudi Aramco, said: “Though this is my first opportunity to attend the forum, what I see missing is young people talking about their experiences. The theme ‘Growth through youth’ is very good. It will help youth benefit from this forum. This forum is giving some knowledge about what is going on in Saudi Arabia. The youth should get motivated from this forum.”
Hisham Al-Amoudi, managing director, Tarjuman, Riyadh, said the theme of the forum is “very sensitive.” They have touched upon a very important issue to speak about,” said Al-Amoudi who attended the JEF for the third time.
The youth form 70 percent of the Saudi population and they need to be utilized in the best possible manner, he added.
“My role as a PR person is to create an image that Saudis could benefit from and other countries could know about them. We need to create trust in our youth so that they take up white collar positions across the Kingdom,” he added.