Jordanian Education Minister Advocates for Palestinian Rights at UNESCO Conference

Paris – Azmi Mahafzah, Jordan’s Minister of Education, Higher Education, and Scientific Research and Chairman of the Jordanian National Commission for Education, Culture, and Science, participated in the 42nd session of UNESCO’s General Conference.

According to Jordan News Agency, the event is currently underway in Paris. During a public policy discussion session at the conference on Friday morning, Mahafzah delivered a speech addressing the challenges faced in the region. He highlighted the prolonged occupation as the primary cause of the hardships endured by the Palestinian people, including bloodshed, suffering, and oppression. Mahafzah underlined that these circumstances test the moral and ethical standards and values that UNESCO has historically upheld.

In his address, Mahafzah also stressed Jordan’s position on the necessity for UNESCO to fulfill its responsibilities within its scope of authority. This includes initiatives to rejuvenate educational institutions, restore cultural heritage, and reduce risks faced by journalists working in conflict zones. His remarks underscored the urgent need for international involvement in mitigating the effects of long-standing conflicts and supporting the educational and cultural development in affected areas.