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Kanaan after bloc meeting: We will not watch country be dragged into the unknown

The "Strong Lebanon" bloc held its regular meeting this Tuesday under the chairmanship of caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Gebran Bassil, and discussed the latest hot files. Conferees observed a minute of silence at the beginning of the meeting on the soul of former minister and MP Edgar Maalouf.

After the meeting, the secretary of the bloc, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, said "We discussed the economic summit scheduled to be held in Beirut, and we consider that inviting Syria is the responsibility of the League of Arab States as it is the authority that decides on the invitees. Our official Lebanese position was not in favor of the decision to remove Syria from the League. In light of this situation, we consider that after the return of the majority of the Arab countries to the diplomatic recognition of Syria, and after talks about the reconstruction of Syria and deeming Lebanon the main economic and financial base for starting this reconstruction course, it is only natural for Syria to be present at the summit. We are keen on calling not to create a problem from a subject that is no longer on the table."

Tackling the governmental issue, Kanaan reiterated persistence to "resolve the crisis through the initiative of President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, or the ideas put forth by Minister Gebran Bassil, which are still under discussion."

He said "We recognize the rights of everyone according to the results of the recent elections, for a government of national unity. It is required to resolve and address this issue. We consider that our submission to any idea does not mean added complication."

"We have an interest, as bloc, that a government be formed today. We are the most concerned with this mandate. (...) Serious and effective movement is needed, next to a positive consideration of the proposals. We are in favor of the representation of all the parties in a national unity government, but if the situation continues as such, we will have another position. We will stand motionless, watching the country and the Lebanese be dragged to an unknown fate," Kanaan affirmed.

"The economic situation is cumulative as a result of years-old policies, and no one should consider that what we are living today is the result of a present crisis. The issue needs to be dealt with. We do need a government, but we also a follow-up by the parliament. The political community ought to assume its full responsibilities. Our priority in the next phase is the economic reality," he assured.

Source: National News Agency