Saturday, September 21, 2019


The Change and Reform Parliamentary bloc held its weekly meeting on Tuesday chaired by Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister, Gebran Bassil. In the wake of the meeting, the bloc's Secretary, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, said that today's meeting majorly focused on the aftermath of the Lebanese Army's victory in "Fajr Al-Jroud" battle against Daesh terrorists.

"Terrorism has been defeated, and the victory of the army is clear. All the talk about the withdrawal of terrorists and so on brings us back to the following question: Was the aim of the battle against terror to kill or to liberate our land? Was the aim to inflict heavy losses among our army ranks or to try to limit damage and liberate our land? This operation has scored a 100 percent success because it led to the liberation of our land at the lowest cost possible," Kanaan said.

Moreover, the lawmaker added that the blood of martyrs was not the sole property of anyone, and pushed for justice away from politics. "This is an exceptional move in a republic that had been used to submerge the truth and to reach settlements at the expense of the Lebanese only to delve in a new round of breaches all over again," Kanaan added.

"Minister of Justice Salim Jreissati announced today the adoption of measures similar to those proposed by His Excellency the President of the Republic, demanding the competent authorities to conduct full investigations," he added, explaining that the Change and Reform bloc had called back in 2014 for defining the responsibilities and conducting an investigation into the slain servicemen's issue.

Touching on the simmering Syrian refugee dossier, Kanaan reiterated on behalf of Change and Reform bloc that the return of Syrian refugees was directly linked to Lebanon's sovereignty. "No conditions, whether internal or external, regional or international, should be set concerning the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland," he added.

As for the rampant corruption and squandering of public funds, Kanaan stressed that the budget was the most important reform work that could be done because it was an indicator of the expenditures of the Lebanese state as a whole. "The final report on the draft budget in 2017 was completed in its final form after hard work over the span of months of difficulties and absence of quorum," Kanaan explained.

"We hope that there will be a near session by the House of Parliament to approve the budget," the lawmaker concluded, stressing that there will be no compromise on public money. "We seek transparent financial accounts and respect for constitutional assets in this area, and this will hopefully protect the state's economy and public money.

Source: National News Agency