Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Kangana Ranaut in Dubai … again

Kangana Ranaut, who famously proclaimed that it’s never easy for a Bollywood actress to survive in Bollywood because of its feast-and-famine job scenario, will be in Dubai for a restaurant opening.

The star of Queen, which is playing in the cinemas this week, will be in the UAE on March 28 at Regent Palace Hotel in Bur Dubai. Her job is to snip the ribbons for their new seafood joint, said its hotel spokesperson.

Currently, the going is good for Ranaut who’s basking in the positive reviews for her role in Queen.

She was in Dubai last month to promote the film and won the local press over with her candid admissions about playing a girl who gets dumped before her wedding day.

Any scene she connected most with in the film?

“Getting dumped. Now which girl hasn’t got dumped in her life,” said Ranaut breaking into a laugh.

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