Monday, January 20, 2020
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Kataeb, Tashnag say reason behind cabinet formation delay ‘unclear’

Kataeb Party Leader, MP Sami Gemayel, on Friday visited the headquarters of the Tashnag Party in Burj Hammoud, where he met with the Party's Secretary General, MP Hagop Pakradounian, and other Party members.

"Our main topic of discussion was the dire living and economic situation in Lebanon, in addition to the cabinet formation dilemma. We share identical views with the Kataeb Party. We both see eye-to-eye on the need to swiftly form a new government because people can no longer tolerate the prevailing situation, MP Pakradounian said in the wake of the meeting.

In turn, Gemayel said, We have touched on two main issues. The first is the current situation, since it is no longer permissible to delay the formation of the government in light of the reeling economic situation, and the social disaster experienced by the Lebanese. We really fail to comprehend the reason behind this delay and wether it's all about having a certain political party reap the one third veto power.

Gemayel reminded of the fact that Lebanon was readying itself to host an economic summit, yet without a government. This harms the image of Lebanon and the rights of the Lebanese people as a whole.

Gemayel added that the second issue that had been discussed was the proposal of a bill that aims to declare April 24 of each year a national day in which all the Lebanese remember the massacres of Armenians, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Maronites, Shiites, and all those persecuted in the difficult times that Lebanon and the Lebanese people have endured.

Source: National News Agency