Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Khamis honors 200 of wounded and martyrs’ families in Masyaf, visits a number of companies and factories

Hama - Prime Minister Emad Khamis and the accompanying delegation on Monday inspected the work of the ATMs in Hama City which are witnessing a huge overcrowding in a way that makes those who want to receive their salaries wait for long hours.

Premier Khamis called upon those who are responsible for the work of the ATMs on improving their performance and guaranteeing their readiness over the 24 hours, giving them a maximum time of two days to solve all the problems facing the people who use the ATMs to be able to obtain their financial dues easily.

Later, Khamis visited the headquarters of Hama University and held a meeting with the University Council to discuss the most prominent projects at the university which are scheduled to be carried out in the next stage.

The Premier was briefed by Rector of Hama University Ziad Sultan on the process of implementing the projects at the university, and he agreed on granting SYP 500 million for rehabilitating and qualifying the new headquarters of the university.

Khamis also visited the agricultural center for producing biotic enemies that resist the agricultural pests, and he inspected the reality of its production.

He agreed on establishing a factory for producing agricultural biotic enemies with a total cost of SYP 60 million.

He also inspected the production process at the porcelain and sanitary ware factory which has witnessed, over the past period, the rehabilitation of its production lines.

Khamis visited the scrap smelting and iron bars factory, appreciating the efforts of those who participated in developing and modernizing it.

Later, the Premier visited one of the military formations, hailing the steadfastness and determination of the army personnel to face the armed terrorist groups and to preserve security and stability.

For their part, the army personnel expressed full readiness to protect the homeland and to defend the sovereignty of Syria.

The Premier also honored 200 of the families of the martyrs and the wounded from Masyaf locals at Masyaf Cultural Center.

Khamis called upon Masyaf City Council to provide all the initiatives and to take active steps to support the families of the martyrs and the wounded.

For their part, families of the martyrs and the wounded called for paying more attention to their social and health situations and improving their living standards.

Khamis also laid the cornerstone of the sewage treatment plant of Masyaf city and four neighboring villages with a cost of about SYP 2.2 billion.

Minister of Water Resources Nabil al-Hassan told SANA that the value of the contract of the plant project is estimated at SYP 2.5 billion, indicating that this project will not be the only project in Masyaf area as it will be followed by a number of projects of drinking water, digging artesian wells and renewing the drinking water networks.

Concluding his tour, Khamis allocated a financial support for the City Council of Wadi al-Oyoun to prepare the infrastructure of the area and to support the needs of the villages affiliated to Wadi al-Oyoun.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency