Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Khamis inaugurates number of projects in Tartous and Lattakia worth up to SYP 16 billion

Tartous, Upon directives of President Bashar al-Assad, Prime Minister Imad Khamis started on Wednesday a visit to the provinces of Lattakia and Tartous

On the first day of the visit, Khamis inaugurated a number of projects in Tartous worth up to SYP 15 billion.

The inaugurated projects include President Bashar al-Assad's Circular Road project on the southern entrance of Tartous city at a total cost of SYP 3.5 billion.

The Prime Minister also opened al-Sheikh Saleh al-Ali road junction on the northern entrance to the city of Tartous with a total cost of SYP 2.22 billion, in addition to opening al-Qumsiyah project for drinking water at a cost of SYP 1.700 billion which serves 40 villages and includes three pumping stations.

The Premier and the accompanying delegation held a meeting at Tartous Governorate HQ, in which they were informed of the status of the waterfront of Tartous and the study prepared by Tishreen University, including solving the problems suffered by the residents of the area.

Speaking to reporters, Khamis said that the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army reflected positively on the development situation in the whole country.

He pointed out that all the Syrian provinces are witnessing development projects, some of which have been launched and the other will be opened soon, adding that the implementation rates of some of these projects reached more than 70 percent, which is a sign of the strength of the Syrian state.


In Fidio town in Lattakia countryside, Premier Khamis inaugurated a dairy factory and cattle feed manufacturing plant with a total cost exceeding SYP 1.2 billion.

The production capacity of the dairy factory is estimated at 5 to 6 tons in one working shift with a total cost of SYP 850 million.

The estimated cost of cattle feed manufacturing plant reached SYP 215 million with a production capacity of 5 tons per hour.

Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Ahmed al-Qadiri, said the inauguration of the two factories reflects the government's keenness on providing support to the agricultural sector and enhancing productive institutions' contribution to meet basic needs of citizens.

He added that two product marketing centers were selected in Lattakia, in addition to cooperation with the Syrian Trading Company to market the products of these factories at Afamia Sales Hall, noting that another marketing center will be opened in Damascus city in the near future.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency