Friday, December 13, 2019
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Kingdom ranks fourth in per capita realty investment across Dubai

Qatar has the highest per capita investment in Dubai realty in 2013 (AED6.71 million), followed by Oman (AED5.77 million), the UAE (AED4.56 million), Saudi Arabia (AED3.71 million), Germany (AED2.37 million), India (AED2.22 million) and Britain (AED2.11 million).
These figures were released in connection with the International Property Show (IPS), which will be held from April 8-10, supported by the Dubai Land Department (DLD). According to the same DLD report, international real estate transactions during 2013 exceeded AED114 billion.
The organizers of the 10th IPS, that will coincide with the 4th Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, said the fact that the highest four per capita investment in Dubai’s realty come from GCC countries showed that the Gulf investors remained a key driver in the emirate’s property sector, encouraged by new investor-friendly legislations, proximity and a rising confidence in a lucrative return on their investments.
“The figures once again reinforce Dubai’s status as a top-notch real estate investment hub in the Gulf and beyond. I foresee even stronger regional demand in 2014 and this is where specialized events like IPS will help in maximizing per capita investment from neighboring regions and the world,” said Sultan Butti bin Mejren, director general of the Dubai Land Department.
Other foreign countries which figured in high per capita real estate transactions include France (AED2.054 million), Russia (AED2.051 million), Canada (AED1.98 million) and the United States (AED1.83 million).