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Koch brothers bring NYC to Cavalli

Keen on Koch? New York restaurateur twins Daniel and Derek Koch are bringing a taste of the Big Apple to Dubai.

When the identical brothers aren’t starring in E! reality TV shows, they’re travelling the world’s nightclubs with their pop-up concepts, and the UAE is their latest conquest. Starting on April 15, their Day & Night ladies evening will happen every Tuesday night at Cavalli Club in Fairmont Hotel. Club-goers have a chance to catch the brothers hosting in the flesh until May 27.

“It’ll be here for six weeks,” said Daniel Koch. “We’re headed to the Hamptons in May, and hopefully we can get something back up here in September.”

Ahead of their first club night in the city, Koch told tabloid! what to expect from their infamously crazy Day & Night evening ­­— and whether or not the Dubai version will be as loud as New York City’s.

The Day & Night brunches in NYC were known to be quite rowdy. Are you planning to tame them down here?

A lot of people pigeonhole the party into being just a day party — we’ve expanded it to the Middle East to do more with the brand. There definitely will be that “boom!” factor to the night element, but the day will be more chilled, more laid-back, more of our standard brunch, but at night time… we definitely want to turn the volume up.

What kind of music can people expect to hear?

We’re pretty big on house music, that’s our signature sound — big room house. But here, we want to switch it up. We understand that hip-hop is definitely a trend, so we brought in a DJ from Beirut [DJ Stutter] to mix up hip-hop music with videos synced to his sound, so you’ll be able to watch Pharrell or Jay Z on the screen while the music is playing, and then it’ll switch over to house later in the evening. Derek and I feel that we need to bring the American element to the Middle East, and hip-hop and R’n’B says that real clear.

What do you think Dubai can learn from the Big Apple?

I think what they can learn is that: if they come to the party, they don’t need to buy a ticket to New York. We want to bring New York to Dubai without getting on a plane. The idea is Dubai has everything New York has to offer, we want to maximise that exposure through what Derek and I have to offer, which is a touch of our brand and our concept.

What’s your idea of a successful night out?

To feel that we’ve been treated with proper hospitality and respect. Everybody wants to be noticed, everybody wants to be taken care of, where it’s like, if they come back the next time, it’ll feel as if they never felt.

Do you have any plans to open restaurants here in the UAE?

Of course. We definitely love it here, so we’re in talks right now with the company behind Cavalli. We would love to bring some of our New York concepts here. Day & Night, obviously, we’d love to make it a little bit more than just a pop-up. All of that is in talks right now.

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*No cover charge. Dress code is strictly smart elegant: dresses and high heels for ladies, no t-shirts, polo shirts or sport shoes for the gents. Club opens at 9.30pm. Call 04-