Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Kouyoumjian launches initiative to resolve return of displaced Syrians

Minister of Social Affairs, Richard Kouyoumjian, launched Saturday an initiative on behalf of the Lebanese Forces Party ministers to solve the repatriation of Syrian refugees' issue, without linking it to the political solution in Syria.

Kouyoumjian, whose words came during a press conference earlier today, said that the Cabinet table "is the only place to discuss the return of the displaced."

He then presented several solutions in this regard, such as the formation of a ministerial committee to follow up on this file chaired by the Prime Minister, and conducting further studies of the repatriation process and the elaboration of solutions, mechanisms and standards in coordination with Russia and the United Nations.

"In order to encourage the return, the government should ask the international community to exert more pressure on the Syrian regime to facilitate said repatriation," Kouyoumjian added.

The minister deemed that "since the return of the displaced will be through the Lebanese-Syrian borders and the lines of communication on their return are already open with the Syrian side, through the Lebanese General Security, the latter will then be responsible for coordination in this respect."

"The Ministry of Social Affairs will also participate in encouraging Syrians to return and register the names of families who wish to return home," he noted.

Kouyoumjian concluded, "The government is planning a special budget for the work of the Ministry of Social Affairs taking place simultaneously with the return of the displaced."

Source: National News Agency