Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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KSA aims to save one third of oil consumption by 2032

Maher Alaudan, head of R&D and innovation at King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KACARE), says Saudi Arabia has declared its intention to adopt a renewable energy plan with the establishment of KACARE. “The most important reason for establishing this city is to develop a strategy for adopting renewable energy,” he said.
Alaudan stated that the objectives of the KACARE is to produce a large amount of alternative energy by 2030, in order to support reducing fuel consumption at a time when we consume large amounts of fuel locally.
The comments came during the Saudi-German workshop and the meetings between Saudi and German businessmen held during the visit of a German delegation specializing in renewable energy to the Kingdom.
The meetings were attended by more than 15 businessmen from the German side to exchange experiences and present proposals to facilitate the establishment of such technologies within the Kingdom. The workshop was also attended by German Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Dieter Walter Haller who praised the role of the Kingdom in aspiring to enhance the role of investment in solar and renewable energy.
Alaudan added: “By using 54 GW of alternative energy in 2032, we would save a third of our consumption of oil when we establish these stations of renewable energy. This definitely needs infrastructure, strategy, and time until 2032 to be able to save one-third of our consumption of oil.”
KACARE has already completed the development of strategies and policies, as well as the installation and operation of the stations. He noted that this strategy is not limited to KACARE alone, but also depends on the participation of the private sector to build a sustainable economic sector. He pointed out that the idea was to design a framework for the private sector to build the stations.
According to Alaudan, the meetings are important, especially due to the presence of the German Institute for Space Research, which is one of the oldest and most important institutes and KACARE is keen on taking advantage of its expertise. Companies under the umbrella of the institute have stepped forward to cooperate with the private sector and build a strategic partnership to attract various techniques, he said.