Saturday, April 4, 2020
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Lakshmi Ramakrishnan hopes to break stereotypes

Actress-filmmaker Lakshmi Ramakrishnan says her yet-to be-titled second Tamil directorial will be a “commercially viable” outing aimed at breaking all female stereotypes.

Ramakrishnan’s Tamil directorial debut Aarohanam in 2012 was lauded by audiences as well as critics.

“This time I’m making a film with a strong male lead. It will be a commercially viable and successful project and I hope to break all women-centric stereotypes with it. It will be a highly entertaining project that will address a burning issue,” Ramakrishnan said.

In Aarohanam, Lakshmi addressed bipolar disorder through the story of a single mother who goes missing. The film featured Viji Chandrasekhar in a strong female lead.

In her second project, she will focus on the recent petrol crisis.

“The film is based on the simple premise that all of us need a crisis to realise the value of a relationship. Can we imagine a life without oil? If there was a petrol crisis, how will we react to it? If there was no petrol crisis, my film can’t be made,” she added.