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Lavrov: Implementing UNSC resolutions main condition to resume talks on Syria

Moscow, -Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov affirmed on Friday that the main condition for the resumption of talks on Syria is to implement the UN Security Council resolutions on resolving the crisis.

Commenting on the upcoming Lausanne meeting which will be held to discuss the crisis in Syria, Lavrov said that the attitudes are clear: Ending violence in Syria, fighting against terrorists, ensuring humanitarian access to people in need and immediately launching a political process with the participation of all Syrian components, including the government and opposition without any preconditions.

He stressed that these principles are not only Russia's but are result of the international community resolutions.

The minister pointed out that he has not yet noticed any steps towards the implementation of the international resolutions on the part of Russia's Western partners.

Lavrov noted that the main issue in this regard is separating between terrorists and moderate opposition, calling for understanding the nature of operations that raise Russia's concerns represented in the integration of many factions which describes them as "moderate" with Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization and their opposition

to the cessation of hostilities agreement.

The Russian Minister describes the talks on ending the fighting in Aleppo first as attempts to improve the image of al-Nusra and its collaborators.

Lavrov said that the Russian side will present in Lausanne specific steps to implement the agreements related to the settlement in Syria and the UNSC resolutions.

The minister pointed out that Moscow will not suggest anything except the steps for the implementation of previous resolutions, adding that the UNSC resolution presents everything with the utmost clarity.

On Saturday, a meeting will be held in the Swiss city of Lausanne about the crisis in Syria with the participation of Lavrov, his US counterpart John Kerry and the foreign ministers of some countries in the region.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency