Lavrov: Moscow concerned over politicizing situation in Syria


Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed his country's concern over the politicization of the situation in Syria by creating provocations involving the use of chemical weapons, which is detrimental to the political settlement of the crisis.

During a press conference with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Moscow on Thursday, Lavrov said that the US positions are mixed on many international files, especially regarding the presence of US forces in Syria.

Moscow has yet to understand what Washington's objectives are in Syria and other regions, and would like clarification from the United States on this matter. They may also plan to establish 'a petty state' on the Syrian territory,'' he added.

Moscow and Washington, according to Lavrov, need dialogue and can do more to eradicate terrorism once and for all in Syria and to meet the humanitarian needs of the entire Syrian people, not just the groups currently supported by the US.

He added: the US administration is taking international reprisals and distorting all the core agreements reached internationally, the majority of them at the UN Security Council.

In turn, the Chinese minister affirmed that China and Russia agreed on a political solution to the crisis in Syria in accordance with UNSC Resolution NO. 2254.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency