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Lebanese newspapers’ headlines for Monday 8/8/2016

AN-NAHAR: Salam calls on Maronite "leaders" to choose fifth name to presidency post

ASSAFIR: "Future" shocks Aoun: Don't rely on us

Ambiguous US letter stirs oil

AL-MUSTAQBAL: "Epic of Aleppo": From breaking siege to liberation

THE DAILYSTAR: Rebels start battle to free Aleppo

--Syrian rebels announced Sunday night the start of the battle to "liberate" Aleppo, a day after they breached a month-old siege imposed by regime and Hezbollah forces on the rebel-held eastern Aleppo. Hours before Jaish al-Fatah declared the assault, the rebels came under intense air attack from pro-regime forces trying to repel the advance that also cut government-held Aleppo's supply route. "We announce the start of a new phase to liberate all of Aleppo," Jaish al-Fatah said in a statement posted online. Rebels have taken most of a large government military complex southwest of Aleppo city in a major offensive begun Friday to break a monthlong siege and are now attacking further into government-held territory.

Rai: Elect president first, then implement Taif Accord

Source: National News Agency

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