Saturday, December 14, 2019
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Life has been ‘phenomenal’, says Andy

Video jockey Andy says he has been getting more work than ever after his appearance in Bigg Boss Saath-7.

“My life after ‘Bigg Boss’ has been phenomenal, great and everything nice,” said Andy, who will now be seen as the host of India’s Got Talent 5. “There has been so much love for me. I have received so much warmth and people want to see more of me.

“I have been getting good work after ‘Bigg Boss’ and have a jam-packed schedule.”

Andy said he has also stayed in contact with his Bigg Boss Saath-7 co-contenders.

“I have been in touch with everyone including Armaan [Kohli], Tanisha [Mukherjee], Sangram [Singh] and Elli [Avram]. I have hung out with Tanisha and Armaan many times and have discovered new sides of their personalities, which are even better. Elli is a very sweet person and Sangram and I have also been in touch.”