Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Lizzy and I are together, director Priyadarshan says

Mumbai: Reacting to rumours of a rift in his marriage, filmmaker Priyadarshan has said that he is “together” with his wife Lizzy. He says arguments are a part of every couple’s life, but “no one has the right to put our marriage on display”.

The prolific filmmaker, who made the Bollywood film Rangrezz last year, surfaced in the news with reports of a rift with his wife, former actress Lizzy.

Breaking his silence on the issue, he says he has sorted out the problems with his wife.

“I was shooting in the interiors of Kerala, completely oblivious to the growing whispers about my marriage. Let me assure everyone, Lizzy and I are very much together,” he said.

But, the National Award-winning filmmaker of Kanchivaram fame is not denying differences with his better-half. He says they are normal domestic issues.

“Come on, which couple doesn’t argue and fight? Sure, Lizzy and I had some difference of opinion. It all started over a recent Celebrity Cricket League [CCL] match. But the argument was between us.

“Like any marriage, there are things that happen between a couple that should remain private. No one has the right to put our marriage on display without our knowledge,” the co-owner of CCL team Kerala Strikers said.

He says he is in the dark on who leaked the information about his marital discord to the press. “Somebody definitely played dirty with us. And I suspect it is someone who is close to us,” he said while sharing his suspicion that “one of our so-called friends has spread this lie about my marriage”.

Next year, Priyadarshan and his wife will complete the silver jubilee of their marriage.

“We’ve been married for 24 years. Next year, we plan to have a grand silver jubilee celebration,” he said.

Shocked by the divorce rumours, he says that “maybe in the entertainment business, some people come together and separate as and when they wish”, but “our marriage is built on a solid foundation”.

“Lizzy gave up her acting career to be my wife and to look after my home. She has given me a wonderful son. I can’t express enough gratitude for her presence in my life. It’s shocking to even mention divorce in our marriage.”