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Macron relays to Aoun France’s congratulations on Lebanon’s independence: Lebanon can rely on our support in the face of challenges

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed “France’s commitment to its support for Lebanon and its unique model in the face of the great challenges it faces, and its adherence to its unity, independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and stability.”

In a letter addressed to President Michel Aoun on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day, Macron underlined “the importance of Lebanon’s dissociation policy towards the conflicts that surround it so as to stay away from rivalry among the regional powers, and to undertake the necessary reforms to boost its economy.”

The French president said “It is a pleasure for me, Mr. President, to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you and express the deep feelings of friendship and solidarity that France and the French people have for Lebanon, as the Lebanese Republic celebrates the 75th anniversary of independence. Lebanon stands in a region devastated by wars, terrorism and religious extremism, yet it remains faithful to the values of tolerance, moderation and conviviality that were at the basis of its formation, and for this purpose constitutes a beacon of hope for democracy and pluralism.”

“France, which is strongly committed to the preservation of this Lebanese model and to the unity, sovereignty, independence and stability of your country, will continue to provide you with all the support, while your country continues to face many challenges. (…) The Lebanese economy must be revived, and the necessary reforms must take course in order to respond to the needs of the Lebanese people. Lebanon, which was burdened with the Syrian displacement way over its ability to withstand, must remain dependent on international assistance to the displaced and their host countries as long as safe and voluntary return conditions are not yet complete,” the letter read.

“For all these reasons, France has firmly committed itself to standing by your country, and to this end has mobilized its international partners. At the beginning of the year, three international conferences were held to support Lebanon in security, economic and humanitarian terms. These conferences established a clear path for a more stable and prosperous Lebanon. I strongly believe that the recommendations of these conferences should be put into practice, particularly with regard to the economic reforms that were pledged at the Cedre Conference held in Paris on April 6 upon a French initiative, and in support of the Lebanese security forces,” Macron told Aoun.

“I can only express my satisfaction with the good conduct of the parliamentary elections held on May 6, 2018. In this context, it is important that Lebanon be able to form a new national unity government as soon as possible. As I express my intention to visit Lebanon, it is my pleasure to convey to you on behalf of France and in my own name the warmest wishes for peace and prosperity,” the letter concluded.

The Baabda Palace also witnessed a series of meetings dwelling on political, developmental, diplomatic and cultural affairs.

Source: National News Agency