Monday, December 16, 2019
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Makkah team visits Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Center

ABU DHABI: A top Saudi delegation from Makkah, headed by Ahmed Hikmat Alah, deputy secretary general of the Makkah City Information Technology, visited Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Center (ADSIC).
The team, including Talal Al-Yamani, director of Spatial Information Technology and Khaled Al-Madani, assistant director of Spatial Information Technology, examined the various details of the success factors of Abu Dhabi Spatial Data Infrastructure Program (AD-SDI) which is managed by ADSIC.
Abdul Karim Al Raisi, ADSIC’s director of srategy and planning, welcomed the delegation.
The visit from Makkah reiterates the keenness of the Abu Dhabi government to share best practices such as the center’s Abu Dhabi Spatial Data infrastructure Program, with Saudi Arabia.
Abu Dhabi’s Geospatial portal, established by AD-SDI, hosts a wide range of spatial data and information as well as provides web map services which allows visitors to visualize and use more than 500 data sets.
It is a significant step toward the long-term AD-SDI goal of establishing a network of inter-operable nodes for geospatial data usage and sharing.
Ahmed HikmatAlah expressed his gratitude to ADSIC for their significant role and efforts in launching technologies related to geospatial data that help the General Secretariat in developing Makkah’s economic, social, cultural, architectural and environmental aspects that impact the living standards and welfare of local citizens.
During the meeting, Khawla Al-Fahim, acting executive director of Center of Spatial Data, presented the highlights of the AD-SDI program, particularly its major achievements and main goals.
She also discussed the program’s support for cooperation between government and member entities toward better planning, analysis, and decision support.
“The Abu Dhabi Spatial Data Infrastructure Program aims to achieve the highest levels of geo-spatial maturity in Abu Dhabi by facilitating access to geospatial information and e-services for government entities, companies and individuals,” added Al-Fahim.
“Through effective management of the collection, use and sharing of geospatial data and related services, the AD-SDI program helps reduce data duplication and replication, in addition to improving the level of coordination between various members and supporting the decision-making process at different levels,” said Al-Fahim.