Mar’ai invites all Syrians to participate in presidential elections and choose best qualified candidate to serve Syria

Damascus, SANA- The candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for the opposition Syrian Democratic Front, Mahmoud Ahmad Mar’ai, called on all Syrians to participate in the elections and choose the best qualified candidate and the best program to serve Syria, and assured that he respects any result decided by the Syrians.

In an interview with the Al-Suriya TV channel on Sunday evening, Mar’ai indicated that he is a candidate for the opposition Syrian Democratic Front, which includes six parties, including authorized parties, bodies and parties in the process of authorization, as well as independent opposition figures and movements from the national opposition.

” After I put forward my electoral program, there are some internal and external national opposition groups that sent me messages of support for my candidacy and my electoral program,” he said.

As the first opposition candidate to participate in the presidential elections in Syria, Mar’ai addressed the Syrian people stating that “Syria is in real danger, and the Syrian citizen suffers from a suffocating economic crisis, and the Syrian resources are being stolen by the Zionist, Turkish and American occupiers”.

In this context, he called on all the Syrians to be together in a Syrian-Syrian dialogue conference and a government of national unity to find a political solution to the crisis and to work for the release of the” prisoners of conscience,”, the prisoners and the hostages.

The candidate explained that “Syria has been the target of aggression and conspiracy, but at the same time there were just and legitimate demands, and the crisis requires a political solution and more participation and activation of political life.”

He stressed that whoever calls for tightening sanctions against Syria is an agent and traitor, because these sanctions have affected the Syrian citizens and their life.

“We, as a political opposition, have true demands for reform, and despite everything we suffered at that stage, we are not selling our homeland and we are not leaving Syria,” he noted.

“I will respect the will of the Syrian voter and any result that the Syrians decide, and I invite all Syrians to participate in these presidential elections and to choose the best program and the best qualified candidate to serve and build Syria,” Mar’ai concluded.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)

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