Marine Online’s Global Connectivity Sustains Full Service Shipbroking

Vessels’ ship sales and purchase unfazed by pandemic

SINGAPORE, May 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Across the last decade, the global shipbroking market enjoyed growth from various drivers including increasing global seaborne trade, falling oil prices, swift economic growth and rising energy consumption. Unfortunately, the pandemic disrupted shipping industry, and made its way into vessel sales and purchase.

Travel restrictions made it significantly harder for buyers to source for the right ships. Similarly, a smaller pool of buyers compelled sellers to release their vessels at a loss. Tightened safety controls thwarted vessel inspections which further threatened sales and purchase – causing buyers and sellers to reconsider their decisions.

Marine Online helps both buyers and sellers bypass disruptions in vessels sales and purchase. Unrestricted geographically, its platform offers a broad network, acting as an effective bridge between both buyers and sellers. Surveys can also be carried out by Marine Online’s authorised service providers worldwide upon a successful transaction.

Bharat Bahl, Marine Online’s Sales and Purchase Manager highlighted: “In this challenging economic climate, our platform effectively converges all buyers and sellers. Additionally, our wide network of authorised service providers is able to carry out necessary surveys, clearances and other marine services wherever the vessel is located. Marine Online’s team of experienced professionals would be overseeing the whole process, ensuring smooth and secure transactions.”

Marine Online is a client-centric platform providing maritime professionals with effective vessel sales and purchase solutions. To date, Marine Online has transacted for both buyers and sellers worldwide including Indonesia, China, Singapore and Vietnam.

About Marine Online (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Marine Online is the world’s first one-stop integrated platform specialising in maritime services for the global market. Launched in 2019, it has provided various maritime services through its revolutionary A.I and Big Data enabled platform to regional ship and cargo owners. With its portfolio of 8 major services, Marine Online shapes the future of maritime by using cutting edge technology to create business opportunities and connections. For more information, visit

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