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McLarens aims for some serious speed with 650S

Dubai: When your previous model is priced at $1 million and you only build 375 units of them, it does leave a carmaker a few options on where to slot in – and price – the next one in the production line. With the brand new 650S, unveiled at the recent Geneva Motor Show, the UK’s McLaren Automotive has made sure there is hardly any overlap on the pricing side. (On the looks side, the front of the 650S does bear a degree of similarity with the P1.)

“For the 650S, the pricing will start from Dh1.3 million and we are certainly not having a limited production run,” said Ian Gorsuch, director for the Middle East and Africa. “The 650S and the P1 fit into two very different moulds.” (Some would say that both could whip up some serious speeds, but that would be besides the point.)

“The last of the 375 P1s are getting delivered and we have started taking pre-orders on the 650S.”

There could be a few of that from Dubai/UAE — the local dealership (Al Habtoor Motors) delivered the second highest number of McLarens last year – just over 50 units – while pole position went to one in the US.

The 650S prototype was shown off in Dubai earlier in the week. Production run will start soon and the first local buyers should be getting behind the steering – they have a choice of either the Coupe or Spider body style — some time during the fourth quarter.

On what sort of annual production run the 650S will have, Gorsuch said: “The one thing we don’t want to do is build a certain number of a particular model and force them on dealers. Instead, we will make sure the production blend is right for each of the models. That makes for more nimble manufacturing.

“Everything we’ve learnt from the 12C and the McLaren P1 has gone into this car, creating a car with the widest breadth of capabilities of any production supercar.”

McLaren’s stated stance is to bring out one new model each year. Last year saw the P1, and there was the 12C (originally the MP4-12C) prior to that. This year, the manufacturer is looking for a repeat of the 140 units sold in 2013 within the Gulf territory.