Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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Member of antiquities smuggling gang arrested in Daraa

Daraa, Daraa Criminal Security Branch arrested on Wednesday a member of a gang that tried to smuggle large amounts of antiquities outside of Syria with help of mediators in neighboring countries.

Head of Daraa Criminal Security Branch said that after receiving information about a group of people secretly excavating, collecting and selling antiquities to be smuggled outside the country, the branch arrested one of the gang's members and confiscated thousands of archeological pieces.

The confiscated archeological pieces included gold, bronze and copper coins, in addition to pottery and glass pieces, stone stamp seals, and jewelries.

The arrested person admitted that he bought these pieces from persons who had excavated and collected them from various areas in Daraa, pointing out that he was dealing with an illegal antiquities dealer who is a Syrian residing in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency