Thursday, April 2, 2020
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Mexico ‘doing well’ in fight against cartels

Dubai: Mexico for over the past decade has been involved in vicious wars with drugs cartels, which have resulted in thousands of deaths and is estimated to cost almost $50 billion (Dh184 billion) annually. Along with destroying lives, it has made it difficult for the country to seek foreign investment as a way to improve its economy.

But last week Mexico officials apprehended the leader of the largest cartel, called ‘El Chapo’. While it may be too early to say whether the Mexican government’s progress against the cartel can be maintained, Jose Antonio Meade, Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Affairs, who was in the UAE on Sunday to talk up investment opportunities, says his country is “doing well” in its wars against the cartels.

“We have important challenges regarding violence and organised crime,” he said. “But that is a phenomenon that is regional in nature, and Mexico has been one of the countries in the region that has made important efforts… to strengthen the institutional framework to be able to deal with those challenges to good success.”

Violence in Mexico peaked in 2011, he said, but since then it has been trending downward, including a dramatically reduction in 2013.

“If the trend continues,” he said, “it will turn security in Mexico from a challenge to an asset.”